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DavidT Highlight Navy Blue Small Jewellery Box

DavidT Highlight Navy Blue Small Jewellery Box

DavidT - 36075510

Luxury navy blue, synthetic finish jewellery box featuring a large mirror on the underside of the lid, a top tray containing three compartments - two smaller ones to either side and a large central compartment with a lift up cover. The two side storage areas have removeable covers to protect smaller items. Three drawers open to the front, a half height drawer sits at the top, divided into five compartments for smaller pieces and with a dedicated earring compartment to the left side. The second drawer has three full width slim compartments whic are perfect for chains and bracelets. The double height bottom drawer has a large compartment to the left and awatch storage compartment to the right handside.

Dimensions: 17cm x 15cm x 13.5cm